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  Thank you for visiting our website and choosing our business for your needs. I hope you find the website easy to navigate, as it is our first time building one! Your feedback on how to improve it is ALWAYS welcomed!

History on us:
   I, Hugh Orr and my wife, Cindy Orr have proudly raised three terrific children. Cindy and I met in Hammond, IN while working in the Casino industry from 1995-2013.. We made a long career of it and we visited Winchester, TN almost every year to spend time with Cindy's parents who have lived here for 30+ years. We knew we would probably retire here, but we felt we needed to move here early to help her parents and help her father through multiple bouts of Cancer. 
We opened our small business, Orr Decor & More, in September 2013 in a small location on Bypass road and relocated a year later to the Old Hammer's building on the Downtown Square in Winchester.  (You'll be blown away by the renovation we did). (Lots of credit due to Ed and Nubbin Wenger!)
   I, Hugh, currently work full time at Nissan in Decherd and I help my wife run the store on my days off. Cindy is there 6-7 days a week working on projects. Our 17-year-old also helps on weekends!
    It is ALOT of work to rehab, upcycle and beautify old stuff. It's even harder trying to hunt stuff down and spending countless hours out on the road in order to furnish our shop. It's all worth it though, to see someone's face "Light up" when they find that UNIQUE item that they fall in love with!

   Our name and reputation are EVERYTHING  to us, so we go that extra mile to guarantee quality, a great product and amazing service. We strive to find items and offer services that no one in our vicinity has. I think we are doing it right as were have drawn customers from Nashville, Chattanooga, Huntsville and farther out!

    To wrap up; we genuinely care about people, not the "bottom line". We are not getting rich in this business but we love what we do and we are doing our part by upcycling trash to treasures. We understand customer service and we are down to earth, easy to talk too and Cindy LOVES, LOVES, LOVES what she does and it shows in her work and dedication. So, we welcome you to stop in and say hello! When you do stop by, go ahead and "LIKE" our Facebook page and you get 5% right off the top! Hope to see you soon and remember to Shop Small when you can! Thank you!

Our Motto:
   Orr Decor will consistently utilize local products to fix, build or refinish our inventory. We sell a selection of products made RIGHT HERE in Franklin County! We currently affiliate and sell 4 different small businesses products in our store: Rustic Decor made from Cedar off of Tim's Ford Lake, Our My_Chairs, 100% Soy Candles and Wood/Vinyl products made by a stay at home mother. We shop small whenever we can and we want our money being well spent in the U.S.A. ​

Keeping it close to home:
We contract a Master Furniture and Repair man from Lynchburg, TN, a family from Manchester that does upholstery work and WE live in Winchester and we mix our own Chalk Paint to save costs for our customers, thus allowing us to keep our prices down when we paint and distress your furnishings!

Anything is Possible:
A soon to be bride saw our business cards that are on magnets and hired us to design and make them for her wedding, we made it happen! She also wanted a 48" "T" made of wood and painted so her wedding guests could sign it and then she could put it on her wall forever...Done!

Asked to make a rolling island out of 2x4's and 1x6's that could double as a rolling bar, done! Rustic at its best.

Asked to come to a home and help pick out paint colors and rearrange the decor? Done, multiple times!

Asked to take a photo and paint it on canvas? Nope, but, I knew a good artist and referred her. Fully satisfied customer. Done!
Contracted to decorate a local Town Hall for Christmas? Done!

Many more examples, but we enjoy a challenge. So, try us soon and I'm willing to say that we can likely help or find you what you need to make it happen!

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